Social Circle English

Level: Intermediate +

Language focus: small talk, question tags

Activity: Divide students into two equal groups. The first group should stand in a small circle facing outwards. The second group should stand in a bigger circle around them facing inwards. When teacher says “Go”, the inner circle moves in a clockwise direction and the outer circle in an ant-clockwise direction. When the teacher says “Stop”, students are to pair up with the person closest to them. The teacher then gives a scenario. Possible scenarios could be:

  • Student A is a taxi driver. Student B has just arrived in Gatwick and is in the back of the taxi travelling to his/her hotel.
  • Student B is an employee. Student A is the husband/wife of Student B’s work colleague.
  • Student A is the main speaker at a conference. Student B is an attendee at the conference. The conference has just finished.
  • Student B is a guest at a party where they know few people. Student A is the host’s cousin.
  • Student A is attending a training course. Student B is also attending a training course. Both are travelling in a lift to the twelfth floor.

Allow each round to last 45 seconds before telling the students to start rotating again.


Teacher Tip: If you have an uneven number of students in class, participate yourself to even up numbers. This will also allow you to monitor different students every 45 seconds, increasing your ability to provide group feedback.

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