I wish +past perfect (for regrets) memory game

Level: Intermediate +

Language Focus: I wish + past perfect (for regrets)

Instructions: Once the structure of “to wish + past perfect” has been taught, introduce students to your friend “Fred” on the board (as demonstrated in the photo below). Fred has numerous problems. Tell students that they will receive 45 seconds to memorize them all.

Once 45 seconds have elapsed, place students in pairs and inform them that they now have 7 minutes to remember as many of Fred’ s problems as possible and that they must convert each problem into a regret. As an example, the problem “He lost his keys last night” would become “he wishes he hadn’t lost his keys last night.” For groups where competition works well, students may be told that the first pair to remember all the problems and convert them all into regrets wins.

Teacher tip: This can be adapted and used for other grammatical areas such as to want+ object + infinitive and the “used to” expression.


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