All about me

Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by. My name is Laura Brunwin, a born and bred Brit residing in Madrid, Spain.

My journey in the ESL world began over a decade ago now, and in all honesty happened quite by accident. While I would love to tell you all that the field of teaching English had always been my lifelong goal, it would be an outright lie! However, what I can tell you all is that I absolutely loved teaching from my very first class.

My experience within the field has been broad and diverse. Gaining my TEFL certification in November 2008, followed by a Masters in TEFL from the Universidad Europea del Atlántico, my career has seen many avenues explored. For five years I worked in the corporate field, teaching Business English to high end clients here within the Madrid market. I also gained an avid interest in the preparation of examination English, particularly that of Cambridge and TOEIC. I also specialised in the creation of intensive course syllabus, sourcing, selecting and creating material for a variety of levels and audiences.

The last five years have seen me in the position of Director of Studies at a TEFL training centre here in the Madrid market, where my expertise in the ESL industry has seen me transition into the field of training.

While TEFL may be a stopgap for many, for me it has become my passion and career and I simply couldn’t imagine doing anything else.  ☺️