All about me warmer

Level: Intermediate + (perfect for teacher training purposes too)

Focus: Ice breaker

Instructions: This warmer is perfect for one of those first classes you have with a new group. As teachers come and go, students are all too familiar with those “tell me about you” activities that tend to take place in first classes. Given that the students within the class probably already know each other reasonably well, this warmer places the focus on them getting to know you.

Prior to the class you will need to find a selection of cryptic images that represent you and your life. I have always told my students (and trainees on the first day of each TEFL course) that this is their one and only opportunity to ask me any question they like in order to determine the significance of each. Guide students to the correct answers through elicitation and prompting questions.

Click on the document below which will show a sample three images. See if you can work out what they represent (answers at the bottom of the page)

All about me warmer

Teacher Tip: this is a fab activity for building rapport with new students/trainees etc. You sharing a glimpse of your life is often enough for rapport to be established from the get-go.

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